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Last week we asked twitter for top business tips for our tourism business group. We got more than one hundred tips in less than one day, and here are the top twenty tips as voted for by twitter users. 

The twitter hashtag #wexbiz was created for the “Business Planning” module of the training and mentoring programme that we are delivering for Wexford Local Development at the moment.  

#Wexbiz tweet request


Top Twenty Business Tips on #wexbiz


The tweets are in no particular order.

  Twitter Name Top tip – #wexbiz



“Cashflow projections” is king, keeps us steady & focused @RHVCottages. Target Market & Segments is crucial in #wexbiz 



Don’t become obsessed with the number of social network connections that you have. It’s about quality and not quantity. #wexbiz



Live lean. The leaner your own outgoings (car, office, rent, insurance) – the less strain you put on your business = re-investment #wexbiz



#wexbiz Top Tip – Don’t leave your tax return until November. Accountants are much nicer in September



The path to business success isn’t linear. It is important to learn to be at peace with this. #wexbiz



People have confidence in trustworthy individuals and want to work for them in a culture of integrity. The same is true for customers #wexbiz



Productivity booster: Anything that takes less than 2 minutes to do, do immediately (if you’re ever going to do it at all!). #wexbiz



Always tell the truth. Exceeding expectations is much better for business than overselling and disappointing. #wexbiz 



Set up a Search column in Twitter to show each &every mention of your account & topic. Respond, thank & follow every one #wexbiz



Always, always include photos of yourself + your guests on your website – this is about building relationships between human beings #wexbiz



In recent research 70pc of companies ignore responding to Tweets about customer service – don’t let that be your company! #wexbiz



Your hospitality or tourism brand comes to life through every touch point – so remember to enhance your employees skills #wexbiz



Where our business stands, at this moment, is not as important as the direction in which it is going. #wexbiz



Review your hospitality or tourism website on a mobile phone – can people easily find your tel no and directions? #wexbiz



With the pressure of being busy, it’s easy to forget that you’re building a business. Add a new brick everyday!  #wexbiz



When trying to increase sales it’s easy to focus on new customers and forget to maximise income from existing customers #wexbiz



Business is about managing people and cash. Look after those two and success will follow #wexbiz



My halfpenny tip for #wexbiz : Believe in what you are doing, but never forget who buys your product. So ask them what they want.



it’s all about people 🙂 #wexbiz



Don’t ever hard sell. Solve problems. Satisfy wants. Do what is truly best for your customer. #wexbiz

On Twitter?

Well if you are, you should follow all the tweeps above, and all the tweeps on the hashtag #wexbiz as well, because they’re all worth following. Sincere thanks to the hundred or so tweeps who contributed to #wexbiz, you are all really social sharers!

What lessons or comments would you add? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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