The Mouse Over: Interview with Jerry Foley, Propel Media

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Business Contact Details

Name: Jerry Foley
Title: Business Owner
Business Name: Propel Media
Websites: and, (soon to launch), 
Business BIO: Propel Media specialises in the creation of video for the Web, DVD, TV and Smart Phones. We help clients to communicate key messages about their products and services using the power of video. As the internet rapidly becomes more video oriented we are helping clients across several business sectors to fully exploit the video medium. Propel Media can help you to educate your target audience, improve your business image, and most importantly, increase your sales. We are also working with a number of training providers on the delivery of online training content and are currently working on an online TV channel for Wexford.



Q: What are you doing now?
Development of Online training courses, delivery of an online channel for Wexford and the production of online video promotions and TV commercials.
Q: What’s your typical work day?
Right now up at 8am and work till about 10 pm.
Q: What’s your favourite aspect of work?
Meeting new and interesting people and delivering excellent service to clients.
Q: What is your background?
Software Development B.SC degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and I have spent 16 years working in the public and private sectors on large scale computer systems. I got involved in multimedia production in the early 1990’s and set up my own business. I felt that multimedia technology was the way forward in IT and the Internet has proven me right!
Q: What’s the best thing that happened in the last year?
In business, deciding to branch into online TV and also online training projects.

In sport, shooting level par over 9 holes recently and watching Justin Rose win twice on the US tour. I produced a DVD with Justin Rose in 2003 and he now seems to be blooming!
Q: What is your best source of new business?
Q: How do you cope with change?
I’m used to it and just get on with it.
Q: How do you communicate with your customers?
Currently, mainly via phone and meetings. Soon, I’ll be using the web and e-zine type updates.
Q: Do you manage your work/life balance?
Yes…but lately not so well. Work is dominating at the moment!
Q: Any low brow vices? Jedward? Coronation Street? McDonalds?
TV talent shows…occasionally.
Q: What does innovation mean to you?
New business opportunities. For example, we still produce high quality video as we did before, but now it is available on many more platforms and has broader business application. An online TV channel such as would have been unthinkable a few years ago. I am also now delivering video on the Smart Phone platform and for iPad.
Q: Is business networking, either online and / or offline, of benefit to you?
Yes, although I need to work the online side more.
Q: How does technology affect your business?
It’s what I’ve been doing for over 30 years, so it’s an integral part of my career. We shoot a lot adverts now for online viral campaigns, you can see a showreel of our recent work in this area on
Q: Best business accessory?
Laptop … although I can see the iPad taking over!
Q: Is there anything that defeats you?
In sport, my Tennis partner, occasionally… In business disloyalty by others!
Q: What is your view of business for the next year?
I see the market generally improving, but steadily, with no major upturn. Now is the time to innovate in business and I expect that my recent innovations will lead to good results in the next 12 months.
Q: What’s next? … be sure to tune in !

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