God’s Business: The Mouse Over Interview with Elizabeth at St Canice’s Cathedral

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Business Contact Details

Name: Elizabeth Keyes
Title: Cathedral Administrator
Business Name: St Canice’s Cathedral
Website: St Canice’s Cathedral
Business BIO:

St Canice’s Cathedral complex contains a 12th Century Round Tower & a 13th Century Cathedral, and is one of the leading visitor attractions in the city today. The views from the top of the Round Tower over the vibrant medieval city of Kilkenny are spectacular. The Cathedral itself is built on an ecclesiastical site dating back to the 6th Century. Today it remains a site of Christian worship throughout the year for the Church of Ireland community. Each August the Cathedral also becomes a concert venue during the Kilkenny Arts Festival due to its exemplary acoustics. Visiting tourists from across the globe are welcomed all year around.



Q: What are you doing now?

I am filling out this “Mouse Over” while I have an hour free before a concert starts for the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Q: What’s your typical work day?
The day is usually a combination of challenges that have not been prepared for in that day. However, I try to keep my head above water.
Q: What’s your favourite aspect of work?
It’s the diversity of working in a living church and caring for the building. Best of all, is hearing the magnificent acoustics that are created from voice and musical instruments in a beautiful medieval building.
Q: What is your background?
I moved to Kilkenny 11years to work in Kilkenny Castle as a tour guide. I have lived in Kilkenny since. I worked in a medical centre for five years and did a round the world trip in 2004 for a year. It was the best education ever.
Q: What’s the best thing that happened in the last year?
The support that Fáilte Ireland have given the Cathedral and finding out the St Kieran’s Chair was installed in the Cathedral in 1202, 91 years after the decision was approved to move the Episcopal stone from Aghaboe, Co. Offaly to Kilkenny.
Q: What is your best source of new tourism business?
The best source is television media and newspapers coverage of the Cathedral. It raises the domestic market awareness which links into the international market.
Q: How do you cope with change?

I think I cope with it well. I am certainly adaptable. I like change to be organised and a time frame provided, as I don’t feel like I am under pressure then.

Q: How do you communicate with your customers?
The Cathedral staff and I enjoy talking to visitors whenever the opportunity arises. We are all committed to engaging with visitors and assisting them with information on the Cathedral or the city.
Q: What does customer service mean to you?
Good customer service is the hallmark of the business. It’s more important than a trading seal.
Q: How do you use the internet in your business?
I use it for bookings, email correspondence with clergy and also the tourism sector. It now is essential for the business to be promoted via email and website.
Q: What form of business planning do you use?
I still need to master one…
Q: Do you manage your work/life balance?
No. Work always takes priority. But it’s not too bad..
Q: How do you handle negative feedback from customers?
I appreciate feedback from customers and agree with them if I see that they have a valid point to make. If the point is one I cannot change I will inform them of that too.
Q: Is business networking, either online and / or offline, of benefit to you?
Yes. I enjoy being one of many ambassadors of such a great building.
Q: How does technology affect your business?
It would be more effective if I were friendlier with technology.
Q: Best time management tip?
Realising what you are costing a minute.
Q: Best business accessory?
I would like to think it’s my smile!
Q: Is there anything that defeats you?
Not having enough time.
Q: What is your view of business for the next year?
It will be a year that I have to raise the marketing standards and promote the Cathedral better. It is a positive challenge.
Q: What’s next?
The concert is starting in ten minutes so I hope to relax then.

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