Sometimes you will find that you will need to do something in your business that is outside of the ordinary and is outside of your skill set. These are usually one-off assignments. You might need a feasibility study for a new business venture, or a business plan to secure investment. You might need an analysis of part of your business to decide whether to continue with it or expand.

In many such instances,  you will have 80% of the information already, but can’t reach a conclusion. You need a thorough review, but you’re not sure how to pull all of the information together, or how to interpret and communicate it. That is when you need an experienced consultant, to give your project focus and to bring it to a conclusion. I bring over 25 years of business experience to each of my assignments, working in a Big 4 accountancy practice, at executive level in multi-nationals, as a business owner and as a consultant. I only take on assignments where I can really add value to a business using my own skills and experience.

Sometimes, I will organise  and manage a team, depending on the skills and resources needed to deliver your project.


Some typical Assignments:

  • Prepare financial projections for a technology start-up to successfully close a €700,000 funding round with Enterprise Ireland and Angel Investors. Prepare due diligence reports for client and liaise with legal team to secure the deal
  • A  financial control project for a charity, in which the staff were trained, the accounting software was set up and controls were put in place to make sure that there was complete traceability and transparency for all the charity’s funds. Design of a simple one page summary report for the Board of Directors, which tells the story of the charity’s operations and finances at a glance.


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