Back to Basics: Two Simple Tips to make it easy to buy from you

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“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense”. Gertrude Stein.
There are two simple things you can do to help your customers buy from you.

Remember to display the following prominently. Everywhere.

  1. Contact details
  2. Location information

Can’t believe I’m blogging about this? It’s common sense, right? Well, lots of seriously clever businesses, (all sizes), don’t provide those two simple pieces of information.  If I can’t get in touch with you or even find your business location, it’s going to be difficult, (or maybe even impossible), to buy from you. And you will lose customers without even knowing it. It’s a silent drain on your profits.

Typical transgressions

  1. Quick emails with no contact details under the signature.
  2. No signature! (Don’t assume the recipient already has your contact details or that they will take the trouble to look them up).
  3. Contact details buried deep in a website. Please put contact details in a footer and also special ”Contact Us” tab. I recently had to tunnel to the bottom of the “Activities” page of a large guesthouse to find their phone number and email address.
  4. No map or directions on a website. For example, it’s important for a hotel to provide location details, Sat Nav and parking information. If a hotel doesn’t provide these, I won’t book that hotel as a  meeting location.

Contact Details

What are your contact details? Not as straightforward as it used to be, but display your contact details all somewhere on your website and use others in appropriate places.

  1. Business Name and, (if appropriate), contact name
  2. Business Address, is required for all, but especially for online traders. If you won’t provide this, why should anyone trust you enough to buy from you?
  3. Email address
  4. Phone numbers (mobile & landline)
  5. Website address
  6. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else you use to communicate with customers)
  7. Skype name, if used
  8. Fax numbers, (but this is just for those who still insist on using faxes… strangely, some hosting companies still ask you to fax in information.)

Location, location, location

Finding your business is a basic requirement, so make sure your customers can. And, depending on your business model, your location can be the deciding factor for your customer in making a purchase. So, for your website you need a location page with:

  1. Map (embed Google maps in your website, it’s easy, it’s free and it does the job well).
  2. Directions (and remember to update these when new roadways and ring roads are built)
  3. Satellite Navigation co-ordinates
  4. Parking information

Where to display

  1. Place your contact details everywhere, offline and online.
  2. Your website. Use the website footer for the basic contact information, and have a special page as well, clearly displayed in the navigation menu or on the home page.
  3. Your business card. If you use social media, remember to put those details on your business card too.
  4. Your brochures.
  5. Email signature – and remember to put in your email address too, as this covers a situation where a recipient forwards your email to a colleague.
  6. All documents issued by your business, letterheads, statements, invoices, presentations, booking confirmations… Just put contact details on all communications.

Many businesses put both contact details and location details in the same web page. That’s okay, just make it obvious and easy to find.

Final Tip

Don’t forget to register your business with Google Places, (formerly known as Local Business Centre). That way, you stand a chance of coming up in location search for your business type on Google. And it’s free.

Have you any more contact or location tips to add?

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