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Xcel BusinessSolutions is committed to providing information and services that are fullyaccessible to all. The site is designed in accordance with the W3C WAIWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Xcel Business Solutions is pleased to provide information in accessible format, and, upon request, will email any content in pdf format, with specified fonts if possible.

Please note that the website can be displayed in either of two font sizes by clicking on the positive and negative signs at the top right hand side of the page.

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Xcel Business Solutions is committed to maintaining and monitoring the accessibility of this website. The site is audited at regular intervals.

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Funding tech startups in Ireland is a bit like fixing the economy. Everybody talks about it, but those actually doing it are not in such common supply. So, founders and

Raising Seed Funds and Venture Capital in Ireland

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I have recently taken over as Chair of Wexford Chartered Accountants Business Networking Group (CA BNG). Members in business and practice are welcome to attend our first meeting of 2013.

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