My name is Helen Cousins, and I’m a Chartered Accountant. I help businesses with their development.

What I do

I’ve led the revolution. Things don’t have to be how they always were. Accountants are often looked upon as a necessary evil. So, businesses postpone dealing with accountants until it becomes essential, when, say, an audit or tax return is needed. By then, your decisions may have led you to have missed opportunities and cost you money. You may not even be aware of it. An accountant has a lot of skills to offer your business, and can help you to develop in both the short and the long term to make the profits you require.

I provide accounting, finance and business consulting services to businesses who either need a one-off project completed or  need regular financial and management support. The time that your business needs the help and advice of a qualified and experienced business professional is often the time you can least afford it. That is why I offer fixed fee services, which are tailored to suit your business needs, right now. You just buy the services you need, when you need them. Terms and fees are all agreed in advance, so you know where you stand.

I can provide training, mentoring and consulting services, as well as acting as your virtual accountant. Together, we can scope the services that you need that will bring real value to your business. I love helping companies to realise their potential, in the way that best suits them. After all, it’s what I have been doing my whole career.


Working Together

I work personally with my clients, which means you have continuity. I am happy to work virtually as well as in person, using online tools. I can become part of your team, and you have an experienced professional on hand when you need her. Together we’ll work out the working arrangements that suit you best.

Sometimes, if needed, I’ll  add more resources or skills to a project, and I have a great team of associates that I work with. This gives you seamless access to a range of professionals, while still retaining my personal attention.

A Blast from the Past … to the Present

I started my career with Big 4 accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I am a Fellow Member of Chartered Accountants Ireland. I worked as Industrial Accountant and Financial Controller for multi-national manufacturing companies for several years where I developed the love of technology and automation that I still have to this day.

My husband and I developed Kilmore Cottage, four star holiday homes which we now operate on our organic family farm. This  project gives me front-line sales and marketing experience, and first hand knowledge of what it takes to get a business off the ground. It also informs my mentoring work in the tourism sector.

I served terms of office as both Chair and Non-executive Director of the Self Catering Federation, the representative body for holiday home providers in Ireland. I also served as a Director of the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation. I still do a lot of work in the tourism sector.

I love working with enthusiastic and committed people, to achieve more than any of us could on our own.

Find out More

I’m always happy to talk to people who want to find out more or just have a question, so if that’s you, please feel free to Contact Me

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