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“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

Lee Iacocca, Former president of the Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation.

The most fundamental component of organisational success is the leader. The leader defines an organisation whether that organisation is a business, a charity or even a school.

School – a nursery for Business Leaders

Last November, I attended a prize giving ceremony in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) for Junior Certificate students who had achieved “outstanding excellence” in their business examinations. The number of students who achieve an “A” grade in business studies is just slightly less than 10% nationally. Yet one school had more than twice the national average of A grades.

It was a proud moment for the school, the Loreto in Wexford, as streams of their students went up to receive their awards. A senior academic from WIT asked me how so many Loreto students managed these exceptional grades, year after year. For this was no one-time wonder, the students of the Loreto consistently excelled in exams.
Yet, this school doesn’t “cherry pick” its student intake and there isn’t even an entrance exam. The school’s facilities are quite outdated, and they are awaiting a new school building.
Success for a school is not merely about academic results of course, but it is one of the indicators can be easily measured. So what makes this school successful? It is the staff, who nurture the whole ethos of the school and who are inspired by its leader, the school principal. The school’s ethos is one of respect, learning and hard work.

Characteristics of a Successful Leader

What are the characteristics of successful leader? Well, here are the top three that spring to mind:

A leader…
… has vision
… maintains focus
… is motivational.

The leader IS the business. The leader who can inspire others to be their best is the most successful of all.

I’ll end as I began, with the words of Lee Iacocca, Former president of the Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation;

“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”

If you are interested in the factors that make a business successful, you might find “5 Steps to Start a Business and Make it Work” by Richard Branson an inspiring read. And thanks to @evolutionfiles for bringing that article to my attention.

What do you think makes a business successful? Please let us know in the comments below!

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