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What do your prospects and customers want to know most? If you have a Facebook page for your business, you need to develop a strategy to make that page work for you.

Ready, Set, Post!

If your business is well established consider what top two or three questions are most often asked about your product or service. Use your Facebook business page to begin answering those questions. The Facebook page should attract interest and build awareness for your brand, but is not the ideal place to close the sale. Clear contact information, and links to your business website should provide more details.

Once you have filled in the details of your page and added one or more branded visuals you’re ready to start posting updates. Don’t rush out and tell all your friends and customers about your new Facebook page until you have added some good content to your wall. When visitors see your page for the first time, they will be more likely to become a fan if they see relevant information already posted. Short posts are best. Use links to external websites if you have more to share beyond 100-200 words. When adding a link, once you paste a link into the status box Facebook will, after a few seconds, recognize the web page address (or “URL”) and you can then remove the link from the post so it doesn’t show in the update itself.

Advertising… A Necessary Evil On Television – But Not on Facebook!

Picture yourself on your couch in your living room watching television. A commercial comes on from a local business, interrupting your favorite show. Irritating, right? What is the first thing you would do? Assuming you didn’t change the channel or fast forward through it, the advertising message would have to be perfectly suited for you and meet an urgent need in your life for you to like it. Your Facebook business page will be broadcasting messages into people’s favorite online living room – Facebook. If you post only selling messages on your page, people will be just as irritated as they are with TV commercials, and they will be quick to tune out.  To be clear, there are small ads on the right edge of the Facebook interface, but users learn to tune them out unless they are perfectly targeted to their needs. What users do not like is advertising right in their home streams. So carefully consider the content you post and avoid the hard sell.

Send Out Trust Signals

People spend more time on the Facebook than any other website. It is clear that people enjoy spending time on the platform. And they are comfortable connecting with brands that they trust. Think how the messages broadcast from your Facebook business page will come across… and try to avoid similarities to traditional advertisements. Make sure that the content displayed on your page is considered trustworthy by your audience. Here are some trust signals that consumers consider when judging the trustworthiness of your brand presence on Facebook:

  • Do the other fans of the page share something in common with them?
  • Is the content shared on your page 100% sales related and links to your website content? Be sure to mix it up and also share helpful tips, and links to articles perfectly suited to your buying audience.

Building Your Fanbase

Here are a few tips on building fans for your page:

  • suggest that your friends “like” your page – but only ones that could be good referral sources for what you offer. Sure you could send a message to all your friends “please like my page… pretty please”. But be selective in order to build a targeted audience that share some common attributes
  • turn your Welcome Tab into a temporary contest where you give away some books or other items that have a clear tie-in to your product or service
  • try some Facebook advertising targeted at keywords that could generate leads for your business.

Claim Your Custom Marketing URL

Initially your page will have an unwieldy and difficult to remember URL. But once you achieve 25 fans you will want to go to and claim a more memorable and marketable custom URL ( A custom username for your Facebook business page will allow you to more easily market your page on printed materials and elsewhere. Choose a username that coincides with usernames you have selected on other social sites such as Twitter. For future planning purposes consider using a site like to choose a username that both coincides with your brand name and also is available on as many social sits as possible. While you’re at it, go ahead and sign up and claim this username on social sites that you consider important for your the future of your business.

Integrate Facebook Into Your Long Term Business Strategy

The first thing to do once your Facebook page is completed, (and some content has been added to your wall), is to add an icon on your business website allowing your visitors to quickly find it and like it. Your customers and prospects may return many times to your website, but once you have directed them to your Facebook page they will make a long term connection with your brand, on a platform they are comfortable with and frequent more often. Through the updates you place on your page your fans will receive constant reminders about what your business offers and how you can help them.

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